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Texas family spends night in Cleveland’s ‘A Christmas Story’ home


Texas family spends night in Cleveland’s ‘A Christmas Story’ home


WkycCLEVELAND, Ohio — The ‘A Christmas Story House’ and the ‘Bumpus House’ are occupied with some arguably lucky guests on Christmas Eve.

“We just like to be adventurous, we like to mark stuff off our list, we like to go out and do everything we possibly can,” explains Sara Hagan of San Antonio, Texas.

She and her brother drove their children more than twenty hours in order to sleep in the ‘Bumpus House’ in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood.

It’s the neighbor’s home in the heartwarming tale of A Christmas Story.

Young Ralphie desires to have Santa bring him a Red Ryder BB gun. His Christmas wish takes plenty of twists and turns as his family embarks on a hilarious holiday journey that has become a family favorite.

Much of the 1983 movie was filmed in the Cleveland area.

“My nieces and nephews dared me to go lick the pole so I’m going to do that,” Hagan laughs.

“And then we’re going to wake up Christmas morning in our bunny suits and open presents and try to experience what we can that was in the movie.”

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