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Roswell piano non-profit participating in Pianos for Peace


Roswell piano non-profit participating in Pianos for Peace


MdjonlineThe Roswell based non-profit Seniors Enriched Living donated a hand-painted piano for the annual Pianos For Peace Festival from Sept. 1 through 22.

The Pianos For Peace Festival is an annual event highlighting community arts and making the arts accessible to all. A total of 88 hand-painted and donated pianos will be displayed around metro Atlanta for everyone to play and enjoy. After the festival, all pianos will be donated to Atlanta Public Schools, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, and community centers.

As part of this program, SEL will be receiving one of these pianos and members will have access to a donated and hand-painted piano for both education and musical enjoyment.

Jennie Carmical, SEL’s piano artist, said her “inspiration comes from SEL being a light in my life and in the lives of hundreds of seniors.” Her design represents light in many forms, including lightbulbs to signify new ideas, candles to offer light and knowledge and the sun to brighten our days.

Carmical, a retired research scientist and SEL instructor, is a member of Roswell Fine Arts Alliance and has exhibited paintings at several of their venues. She has been active at SEL for more than ten years and is planning on teaching drawing well into the future.

David Nash, SEL instructor and pianist, will use SEL’s piano in future Music Appreciation classes. Nash has a Bachelor of Music in piano performance from Mercer University and a Masters of Music in piano pedagogy from Georgia State University.

Seniors Enriched Living offers classes four sessions a year on topics such as history, art, music, theology, literature, current events, economics and more. Enrollees can take an unlimited number of classes for one fee. Registration for fall session is underway at www.selroswellga.org.

Pianos for Peace is using technology to enhance arts engagement via its festival app, which will allow people to explore, visit, and play all painted pianos throughout metro Atlanta. Pianos for Peace founder, composer and pianist, Malek Jandali, seeks to unite and empower communities to grow through philanthropy and music. More information can be found at www.PianosForPeace.org.

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