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Mugshot Monday: Misty Loman. Drugs are Baaaaad! [Insane Pictures]


Mugshot Monday: Misty Loman. Drugs are Baaaaad! [Insane Pictures]




thebrandedsportsSo I am scrolling around looking for someone to feature for Mugshot Monday and I come across Misty Loman. I was first intrigued by the name… Was she a stripper that beat a guy up or something?

Then I see this mugshot:

Image – arrests.org




















Ok, well she looks pretty normal. Not the worst looking woman in the world, maybe she just was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

That was in 2005. Then I see she was arrested again..

This is the full montage of Misty’s mugshots:

Image – arrests.org

That transformation is just unbelievable and incredible. How is that the same person? What in the HELL.


Image – arrests.org

Ok, so she frizzed out her hair she looks like life might have been getting a little rough, but still not Mugshot Monday Worthy.

But I kept seeing her name.. Misty Loman.. Misty Loman.. Misty Loman. Attached to drugs and then saw she was recently arrested IN COURT for showing up intoxicated.


Then it happened. Then I saw it. Scroll back up and look at Misty in 2005. Now get ready and scroll down and look at Misty in 2019…

Image – Dreamin Demon

Um. I have no words. It’s actually incredibly sad. And is the perfect time for a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.

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